Vocational Programme

Vocational ProgrammeTo foster income-generating skills, VSAI provides training and employment opportunities to special children, youth and adults. The skills taught are based on the ability and interest of the trainees who are routinely assessed for their continued interest, ability to learn, and regularity of attendance. Over time, the trainees become proficient enough to generate income from the skills learnt. To encourage literacy simultaneously, VSAI has made it compulsory for those aspiring to be trained in the income generating skills to enroll in the functional literacy class offered by VSAI.

Skills training and literacy services are provided free of cost. The skills offered are in weaving and manufacturing of woven products such as bags, pouches, wallets, and mats; pottery; candle making; jewellery making from beads and other materials; doll, paper bag, and bell making; and stitching and embroidery. The tailoring course is of one year duration. Participants, mainly girls from low income families residing in neighboring slums, are given a modest stipend to serve as an incentive.

Vocational-Programme4The vocational programme has a current eenrollmentof 25 trainees. VSAI is proud to note that several of its trainees upon completion of their training have become assistant teachers and now go to various institutes as master trainers or are able to earn income from the acquired candle making, weaving, stitching and other skills.