Tarang – A step towards complete education

Tarang Foundation

Note: Tarang is one of our past projects. There are plans to relaunch in the future. This page will be updated as information becomes available.

VSAI’s Tarang is an afternoon school, which seeks to encourage improved exposure to literacy and foster all round development of the less privileged children. The Tarang programme provides quality remedial and ssupplementary education through activity-based learning, personality and skill development as well as computer training. A variety of activities such as pottery and candle making, screen-printing, paper-making, cloth bag-making, tailoring, embroidery, and art classes are being routinely offered.

Tarang childrenOur target group are children ranging from age 5 to 15 who are divided into groups not so much by age as by physical competence levels and by the level of prior exposure to literacy. (Some of our children have no previous exposure to literacy).
By offering remedial learning equivalent to Class 1 through Class VI, Tarang enables children to stay in formal school and complete their education rather than drop out. The vocational training provided to the Ekta group combines learning with earning to make the children more confident of their ability and to foster self-reliance.

Tarang SewingOne of the more popular vocational activities is sewing. Initially, the training in sewing was of six months but after observing how the trainees were progressing, a decision was taken to introduce new sewing programme. Consequently from April 2008, VSAI has started a one-year stitching programme.