The VSAI Annual All India Art Competition

Art FoundationIn keeping with our mission to provide individuals with disabilities, opportunities for life long learning through the arts, VSAI provides unique opportunities and programmes for children and youth to show case their talents and exchange their creative ideas with one another. One such programme was successfully initiated by VSAI about 16 years ago when under the aegis of VSAI Art Foundation. We organized Annual Art Competitions for children of all ages and disabilities including visually impaired.

The programme has grown from strength to strength and covers almost the whole of India. The children are invited through their schools to send their entries in January on topics listed by the VSAI. Entries are invited January and the last date for submission is April of that year. Each child can send two to three entries. The Art Council examines the paintings which are classified by age groups and disabilities. Handsome prizes are given and the council spends approximately Rs 1.00 lakhs annually. Certificate of Participation are given to all children and the winners are given, in addition, Certificates of Merit.

Art FoundationNeedless to say, the programme has become very popular amongst our young artists. We receive almost one thousad entries and the judges have a tough time deciding the winning entries. The experience has been a great eye-opener for us as we, too learn so much about the regional geography and techniques which have distinctively different styles.

The paintings are use to make new year calendars. In so many years, believe me, we have built a regular fan following for people look forward to buying these paintings and calendars. It is a matter of great satisfaction that the works of our young artists adorn the houses and homes of so many people.The funds so raised are pushed back into the Foundation. Is there a better way of sharing talent and communication?