VSAI organizes one Inter School event every month. Open to all schools and NGOs serving special children in Delhi and the National Capital Region, the monthly events enable the special children to exhibit their creative and intellectual skills.

All events are conducted according to the age, level and type of challenge.

This helps ensure that children have a chance to compete fairly and learn from each other how to improve their skills.

Sangeet BaithakSangeet Baithak

First started in 1990, this Inter-School Music Competition has been held annually. It provides a platform to special children from all over Delhi to compete in four separate categories of Classical Music, Light Music, Instrumental Music, and Group Singing. Over 100 children participate in this annual event and the top contestants in each category are awarded prizes.

Dance Drama FestivalDance Drama Festival

Organized every year since 1990, this annual festival provides an opportunity to children with special needs to showcase their talents in the area of dance and drama. Each year, VSAI selects a theme for the festival which is conveyed ahead to all the schools to enable them to prepare their
items around the allotted theme. In deciding the winning entries, emphasis is laid on creativity, artistic and production value, as well as the numbers of special children involved in the performance. More than 20 schools from Delhi and NCR region participate in this annual competition.


An annual competition, the Rangoli event is now in its 15th year. This event celebrates the arrival of Spring. Children from special schools come in large numbers to draw colourful Rangoli patterns on the floor. In addition to the traditional coloured powders, the contestants are encouraged to use various innovative mediums including waste material. The winning entries are decided on the basis of creativity, innovation, and presentation skills.

Computer FestivalComputer Festival

Started more recently, this annual event is meant to close the technology gap between special and other children. The festival enables special children to demonstrate their computer skills in various areas such as word processing, paint brush use, software usage etcetera. The winners serve as excellent role models for others to take to computer learning.

Spelling Bee CompetitionSpelling Bee Competition

Targeted towards children with learning disabilities and the physically challenged.

Each year, the competition is strong, competitive, and fun.

The Spelling Bee contest effectively challenges and demonstrates their comprehension and memory skills which allows all opportunities for children of all spelling skills.

Declamation & Debate Contest

This declamation and debating event fosters the public speaking skills of all children and enhances their self esteem.

Children learn the art of debate while being civil and builds confidence that everyone has the right to be heard!

Weaving WorkshopWeaving Workshop

An ongoing activity, the weaving workshop trains children in the art of weaving. An annual weaving contest enables special children to showcase their creativity of design, choice of colour and efficiency of speed. In addition to weaving products through the use of various yarns like cotton, jute, wool, cloth etcetera, the children are trained to weave waste plastic and recycle it into useful attractive products such as bags, wallets and purses. The training in weaving also helps children to acquire an income generating skill.