Hand printsEstablished in 1986, Very Special Arts India (VSAI) is a non-profit organization working with the disabled and underprivileged young population of India. It is affiliated to Very Special Arts International which is an internationally known non-profit organization founded in 1974 by Ms. Jean Kennedy Smith to create a society where all people with disabilities can come together to learn, participate in and enjoy the arts.

The organization was conceived to fill a very special slot. It seeks uniquely to work with disabilities via remedial therapies including dance, drama, music, visual arts and crafts. Using the arts as a tool for social, educational, emotional and vocational rehabilitation, VSAI attempts to nurture talented artists, provide them with a platform to display their accomplishments, build self-esteem and facilitate their smooth integration into mainstream society in which they have as much a right to belong as anybody. In recent years, VSAI also provides vocational training to children with special needs and underprivileged youth to make them self-reliant. Our motto for both categories of children and youth is to enable them to “learn, train and earn”. Currently over 22 youth are getting stipends from VSAI to serve as trainers and Assistant Teachers, while several others have gone on to teach at other places or run their own income-generating activity.

main 1Importantly, all educational, training and recreational activities are offered free of charge. Attendance is strictly enforced to inculcate disciplined approach to learning, and sustained performance is promoted through periodic testing.

Not surprisingly, VSAI depends heavily on individual and group donations and volunteers from within India and abroad who generously contribute their time and skills to help run our activities. Every volunteer and worker in VSAI follows the credo: to fortify the belief of those less privileged, that, no mental or physical challenge need ever limit the human potential to create and excel.

Mission Statement

“No mental or physical challenge need ever limit the human potential to create and excel.”

VSAI Stands for

  • Vision of an inclusive community
  • Strength through shared resources
  • Artistic expression that unites us all
  • Economic self-reliance through vocational training


Advisory Committee

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
Maj. H.P.S. Ahluwalia
Mr. Barry John


Capt. S Kapoor

Vice Presidents

Mrs Veena Thapar
Ms. Nidhi Gupta


Dr (Mrs.) Meera Singh


Ms. Ambita Verdi

Art Therapist and Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Kavita Kakkar

Art Consultant

Mrs. Bulbul Sharma